Episode #2: Comparing iPhone X Cases

Happy Holidays everyone! Being the tech enthusiast that I am I decided to get the latest iPhone (the much talked about iPhone X) and I’m loving it. Once I had it the next big decision was in play. What case do I get? After a lot of weighing of the pros and cons of my two favorite cases I decided in the end which one I felt was the best one for me. Here are my top two iPhone X Cases and my final decision on which one I went with. If you are in need of an iPhone case this holiday season please watch my video below to help make your decision. Enjoy! Geoff  

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Episode #1: Dan Beck — Fantasy Sports Update

“Fantasy Football allows me to have fun with friends, keeps me on top of my game in the real world, and keeps things in perspective.”          ~Dan Beck I had a fun time over the weekend chatting Fantasy Football with the legendary Dan Beck. A well-known Sports commodity in Hollywood’s inner circles, Dan is known for his Sports acumen specifically when it comes to Fantasy Sports. He gave me the rundown on his top picks for upcoming Fantasy drafts, told me about a running back he thinks could rebound, and even provided a 2018 Super Bowl Pick you might not expect. If you want to hear the inside scoop and much more from the next coming of Matthew Berry tune in to the link below. And yes, a few little sound malfunctions. But…deal with it. This is my first one. 🙂 Thanks to Dan for coming on. He was Prettttty reasonable. Video Link (via Facebook Live and YouTube): Launch Radio Podcast Link: Football Preview with Dan Beck

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